Police calls

First Posted: 7/14/2014

720 S. Cable Road, Lima — Police arrested three teenagers Sunday who used a ladder to get on top of Lima Central Catholic. The three appeared to be intoxicated.

2050 Allentown Road, Lima — A 47-year-old woman at Verizon Wireless reported Sunday two people stole a tablet. Police arrested the two people.

600 block of North Metcalf Street, Lima — Police were called Monday to handle a domestic violence incident.

800 block of West North Street, Lima — An officer conducting a traffic stop reported Friday finding someone in possession of crack cocaine.

200 block of West Grand Avenue, Lima — Police stopped a vehicle Friday on a traffic violation.

Cedar and Fourth streets, Lima — Police arrested a 55-year-old man Sunday for drunken driving.

500 block of North West Street, Lima — A woman reported Sunday she discovered the lug nuts on her motor vehicle were loose.

500 block of South West Street and Town Alley, Lima — An officer arrested a man Saturday who ran from him when the officer was handling a run.

2400 block of Heathway Lane, Lima — A man reported Friday his 14-year-old daughter’s boyfriend sent her a picture of his penis over a cellphone. The boyfriend is the same age.

1 Spartan Way, Lima — Police retrieved a bicycle Thursday that was left at Lima Senior High School.

People charged with misdemeanor offenses are not identified in this column, but are identified through published court dispositions. This column is only a sample of available reports.

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