Beware of Catholic editing

First Posted: 11/21/2014

There is a vast difference between the Jesus of the 1st century, and the 3rd century Christianity, that has dominated the world, since that time. Please do not make the tragic mistake of learning about the historical Jesus.

Hidden mysteries are being revealed in these last days. Oh the wonders of discovering truth. The Dead Sea Scrolls were suppressed for 50 Years. They did not want you to know what they contained, because if you did, you would know the history they were hiding from you.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible is good, but, it was edited by 3rd century Christian theology. Do not be deceived, thinking it includes everything in the Scrolls, because those editors, had an agenda. They wanted to make sure you knew only parts of the truth 4 of the 7 scholars appointed as the international team for the Dead Sea Scrolls were Roman Catholic priests. Rome had been the arch enemy of the Jewish people with their anti-Hebrew ways.

Who in their right mind would appoint four “Catholic scholars” to examine the greatest archaeological discovery of the time? Is it any wonder they were hidden from the public for 50 years?

Here are quotes from one on those Catholic priests: According to the New York Times of 12 December, 1990, Sturgnell — a Protestant convert to Catholicism — said of Judaism: “It’s a horrible religion. It’s a Christian heresy, and we deal with our heretics in different ways.” Two days later the Times contained more of Stugnell’s statement: “I think Judaism is a racist religion, something very primitive. What bothers me about Judaism is the very existence of Jews as a group.”

— Ron J. Weiss, Lima

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