First Posted: 3/24/2014

St. Rita’s Medical Center

March 20 — Brianna Godsey and Javon Wright, Lima, girl.

March 21 — Kara Ferguson and Steve Dishong, Ada, boy; Alisha and Anthony McMichael, Spencerville, girl; Tina Barfield, Lima, girl; Renee Schroeder and Kevin Keirns, Kalida, boy.

March 23 — Katie and Kevin Siefker, Delphos, girl; Anea Escamilla and Corbet Luna, Ottawa, girl; Frankie James and Michael Boroff, Waynesfield, boy; Sarah and Nathan Kreider, Lima, boy.

Lima Memorial Health System

March 21 — Mindy and Jed Finn, Lakeview, girl; Holly Long, Harrod, boy.

March 22 — Erica Cotton and Dushun Adams, Lima, girl; Tabitha Craft and Ryan Garman, New Knoxville, boy.

March 23 — Samantha Rachlin, Lima, girl.

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