OSU-Lima lecturer wins teaching award

First Posted: 3/20/2014

LIMA — Dr. Tony Shoup, a physics lecturer at OSU-Lima, was honored Thursday during a surprise classroom visit by university vice provost Mike Boehm, other professors and officials and Shoup’s wife and son.

Shoup received the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, an award that, for the past two years, has recognized lecturers, senior lecturers and other auxiliary faculty members who have displayed excellence in teaching. According to Boehm, this was not an easy award for Shoup to receive.

“This year, we had 45 nominations, with three individuals selected,” he said. “Tony is the only one from one of our regional campuses to win this award this year. You can’t even be considered for the award unless you are nominated by your colleagues and students.”

Shoup has taught at OSU-Lima since 2005 and was promoted to senior physics lecturer in 2012. He also currently serves as the coordinator of the first-year engineering program at the campus. Shoup teaches courses in physics and astronomy while also providing general laboratory support for those programs and maintaining lab equipment. Shoup was instrumental in bringing the first-year engineering program to the Lima campus.

“I really enjoy teaching these new courses and bringing these here,” he said. “I actually say it’s because I’m selfish, and I think these would be really fun courses for me to teach.”

Shoup’s ultimate drive, however, is the students.

“The most rewarding thing is, for one, interacting with the students and getting them to be enthusiastic about the topic and seeing that old ‘a-ha’ moment when the figure things out for themselves,” he said. “For me, it’s a nice thing to be recognized, but I’d be doing these same things whether I got recognized or not.”

Along with receiving a plaque, this award will bring additional benefits for Shoup.

“First, he is now a member of the OSU Academy of Teaching,” Boehm said. “That’s a pretty special honor. He’ll receive $4,200 in an honorarium that he can use any way he wants. His family and friends will be invited on April 21 to a nice president and provost reception for all award winners. He will also be recognized at halftime on the stadium turf at an OSU football game.”

When asked what he will do with the award money, Shoup was quick with an answer.

“I’ve always wanted to fly, so I told my wife that if I ever won this thing, I’d use it to fund my flying lessons for a private pilot’s license,” he said.

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