Allen County real estate transfers

First Posted: 6/3/2014

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week ending June 12. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 95 91 99

Mortgages 67 64 62

Mortgage cancellations

82 73 68

Financing statements 0 2 1

Real estate transfers this week include the following:


•Kenneth C. Johnston to Sharnae M. Robertson, 323 W. Grand Ave., $3,000.

•Jamey M. and Tammy Barton Reichelderfer to Joseph M. and Carmen R. Basso, 1568 Leland Ave., $73,000.

•Prosperity Holding Group LLC to Cora Financial LLC, 423 E. McKibben St., $28,000.

•Prosperity Holding Group LLC to Cora Financial LLC, 1211 Brice Ave., $29,000.

•GPH Lima LLC to LMRE LLC, 599 S. Shawnee St., $2.9 million.

•Debra J. Smith et all and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Fanie Mae, 1574 W. High St., $30,000.

•Michele D. Stemen to Timothy J. Butorac, 1316 Rice Ave., $53,400.

•Osie M. Powell to Benjamin M. Wagamon, 1527 McClain Road, $40,000.

•Phillip M. and Marcia M. Miller to University of Northwestern Ohio, 1391 N. Cable Road, $400,000.

•Jean E. Chamberlain to Dane M. Querry, 522 Columbia Drive, $24,000.

•Lisa G. Mull et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $833 W. Ashton Ave., $30,200.

•James L. Brown, Melissa A. Reed et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Fannie Mae, 776 S. Union St., $8,000.

•Scott L. Frueh executor Ralph Leonard Frueh deceased to Peggy S. Pitts, 1018 Cornell Drive, $61,000.

•Gregory Hicks executor estate of Dolores A. Kettler to Anthony D. and Mary E. Bruns, 1404 Leland Ave., $50,000.

•Deborah Lynn and Edwin Conran to Robin L. Lamb, 1922 Rice Ave., $50,000.

•Andrew Davis, Michael A. Davis attorney in fact to Andrew L. and Tarra Yvonne Jones, 610 E. 4th St., $35,000.

•Joanna J. Rowe to Frank P. and Rondela Nadine Gurto, 326 S. Collett St., $38,000.


•Nathaniel and Casandra Reinemeyer to Nathan P. and Sarah E. Kreider, 3144 Mills Road, $260,000.


•Billy H. and Shirley A. Haller to James Haller, 105 Partridge Place, $47,000.

•Matthew R. and Kami M. Wilkin to Jennifer L. and Tony A. Cotton, 1624 Lancewood Place, $134,000.

•Thomas A. and Gleanne Marie Kelley Severs to Brandon W. and Julia A. DePaoli, 3962 Chestnut Oak Trail, $258,000.

•Kathleen A. Marple, Kay L. Peters and Gerald E. Marple to Devonah D. Clay, 104 Eagles Point West, $115,000.

•Michael R. and Teresa Lynn Shaffer to Kristi A. Marchal and Jeremie Fuson, 1771 N. Eastown Road, $74,000.

•C. Jeannete Simmons trustee C. Jeannete Simmons trust, Michele D. and Isaac J. Floyd, Cathryn A. McDonald, and Natalie J. McLester to Jefferson Development LLC, 3380 Kenyon Drive, $119,500.

•Thomas W. and Beverly Sue Medkser to Heath A. and Robyn L. Sunderland, 2573 Sharon Rose Drive, $125,900.


•Constancia Molina to John F. Payne, 718 E. Michigan Ave., $33,000.

•Rachel F. and Keith L. Nall to Kevin and Rachel Frinkel, 4477 E. Bluelick Road, $122,500.

•Gregory A. and Jane Rike Koepfer to Brian D. Sprague, 3726 Armstead Place, $165,000.

•Wilma Brookover and Darrell F. Stump to Steven Kerchenfaut, Turner Avenue, $10,500.

•Ronald L. and Marcia K. Evilsizor to Craig A. Grismore, 567 Monticello Ave., $50,000.

•Jeffrey A. and Mandy M. Strange to Anthony T., Sharon K. and Laurie A. Youngpeter, 3126 Cynthia Drive, $179,900.


•Ivo Herzog and Hea Jin Lee to Amy Elizabeth Wakefield Norris and Ryan William Norris, 206 Riverbend Drive, $217,000.

•Ryan W. Blackburn et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., 210 N. Jackson St., $94,000.

•Stanley R. and Joenita S. Clemens to Aaron M. and Rachel M. Webster, 591 Harmon Road, $70,000.

•Tommy L. and Wilma F. Griffin to James Y. and Rebecca L. Avila, 168 Susan Drive, $119,000.

•Stanley and Joenita Clemens to Lawrence N. II and Kimberly L. Schimmoeller, 590 Birch Court, $29,900.


•Susan L. and Charles W. Wilkin to Derek Daulbaugh, 1111 Rozell Ave., $116,000.

•Kenneth O. and Edith M. Wieging to Wiegs 69 LLC, 528 S. Main St., $105,100.


•Steven P. and Audrey R. Deblasis to Andrew F. and Jane R. Lisk, 5115 Aster St., $164,000.

•Ruth E. Frobase and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Gary W. Davidson, 110 Henry St., $52,100.

Paul E. Sr. and Roberta Matson to Sarah K. Smith, 210 Johns Ave., $85,500.


•Amy Lynn and Brandon Jared Fauber to Daniel S. Rooker, 305 N. Main St., $77,500.


•Harold D. and Karen S. Patton to Michael W. and Rochelle Conrad, 3040 N. Pevee Road, $130,000.

•Carol J. and Owen Jones to Brian McNabb and Connie Schnipke, 5100 Reppert Road, $144,200.

•Troy M. Burkholder to William D. Contris, 4212 N. Cool Road, $184,000.

•Eric and Tami Schimmoeller to Kyle L. Jackson, 6260 Sandusky Road, $130,000.

•Rovella E. Hauenstein to James and Sally Hauenstein, 7135 Sugar Creek Road, $250,000.


•Nicholas Zellmann et cal and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as Trustee, 110 High St., $14,000.

•Linda K. English and Thomas Kyle English attorney in fact to Travis A. Fillhart, 116 W. Main St., $98,000.


•Grace V. and James V. Marihugh to Old Walnut Ridge LLC, 5840 Old Delphos Road, $205,000.


•Amstutz Investments LLC to Michael C. Martini and Kayla Daley, 8111 Ramsey Road, $106,000.


•Nancy E. Fultz trustee Nancy E. Fultz Revocable Trust to Kiene Rentals LLC, 8988 Hillville Road, $75,000.


•Pondview Estates LTD to Apollo Joint Vocational School District of Allen County Ohio, 4598 Karif Circle, $29,000.

•Mark L. Minneman et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of America National Association, 4224 Fort Amanda Road, $50,000.

•Anderson Oberfields Real Estate Holdings LLC to LCP Group LLC, 908 Shawnee Road, $349,000.

•Martha J. Stinehart trustee Marilyn J. and Harrold W. Goodnight Living Trust to Ashley N. and Jeffrey N. Rosebrock, 1517 Putters Lane, $160,000.

•Cherie L. and Timothy Paul Turnwald to Josef A. and Mary Anne Froehlich, 4492 Meadowlands Drive, $276,000.

•Gregory D. Buchanan to Jarrod J. DeLong and Michael A. Bergdorf, 4505 S. Kemp Road, $143,000.

•Darryl J. and Patti Nichols to Patricia R. Busboom, 2319 Britt Ave., $94,000.

•Frank W. Beuter to Virginia McPherson, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 502, $54,000.


•Charles L. Moeller executor Charles D. Moeller deceased to William E. and Linda M. Smith, 13801 Kolter Road, $62,400.

•Barney W. and Donna K. Moreo to Jordan M. Moreo, 14925 W. Union Road, $92,000.

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