Museum to revisit the Old West

First Posted: 7/8/2014

LIMA — The Allen County Museum will be taking families back in time Saturday, revisiting the Old West during “Remembering Frontier Days” from 1 to 4 p.m.

“This is mainly a children’s discovery center open house sort of thing,” museum director Patricia Smith said. “It will be very casual.”

A variety of colorful characters will be on hand during the event to inform and entertain.

“There will be some reenactors here, including Johnny Appleseed,” Smith said. “Also, Bear Claw Jeb, Trapper Jerry and White Buffalo Woman will be here.”

While the museum has often highlighted the history of this region, this year’s event will go in a different direction.

“Bear Claw Jeb and his group will do more of a focus on the Old West, and we have not done that in the past,” Smith said. “We look at the frontier as something that kept moving west, but when you get to the Old West, it looked a lot different than northwest Ohio. They will all probably have items and objects with them, such as Native American items. Bear Claw Jeb will also speak about gunfighters and lawmen of the Old West.”

Smith and the other organizers want this event to provide an in-depth look at life in the Old West. To that end, the Allen County Master Gardeners will be on hand to offer demonstrations on how plants helped people survive.

“They will talk about the use of herbs, since they grow all of those plants next door, and they were very important back in frontier days,” Smith said. “We’ll learn more about how they were used as medicines and how they solved problems.”

Smith is optimistic that the event will provide entertainment and enlightenment for the entire family.

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun for kids, parents and grandparents to wander around from reenactor to reenactor and learn about the past,” she said.

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