Letter: Cupp will work full-time for district

First Posted: 4/30/2014

Allen County has a long tradition of selecting proven leaders to represent our interests in Columbus. This year we have the opportunity to continue that tradition by voting for Bob Cupp.

When Bob was a senator, I left a voice mail at this office describing a problem a friend of mine was having with Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. I did not expect a response; it was more me letting off “steam.” Well, Bob called me back and personally got involved in helping my friend get to the right people and access to the services he deserved. Ever since then, I have respected Bob deeply for his commitment to the people of Northwestern Ohio and the care he shows for our neighbors.

On Tuesday, please think about the issues facing Allen County and know that Bob Cupp will work – full-time – for Allen County — from the outset. Bob proved to me years ago, his sense of duty and responsibility, along with his ability to “make the bureaucracy do their job.” I don’t need further proof; my vote goes to Bob Cupp for State Representative.

— Eric Wiechart, Lima

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