Veterans food pantry needs help

First Posted: 10/16/2014

It was reported a short time ago that the veterans food pantry needed a new place to pass out food to the veterans in the Allen county area.

I spoke with a Blue Star Mother and they still do not have a place to continue doing this, which means many veterans will no longer receive the food help they rely on.

They have to leave Memorial Hall because of safety issues with the building. They need about 2,000 square feet that is handicapped accessible and has available parking. Many vets have no transportation and must walk to receive the monthly food they receive. The Blue Star Mothers and others volunteer each month to make this possible as well as the people who do donate items.

With so many empty building around Lima, I do not see why anyone is not offering to help them out. At the end of October they have to leave Memorial Hall and they have no place to go. This is so sad as many of the vets who receive this food distribution have sacrificed so much serving in the military to protect all of us.

Many have risked their lives and some became disabled serving in the military, including my husband. Some have trouble dealing with mental issues that took place while serving our country. They need and deserve this kind act.

Could someone please help the area veterans out so they do not lose this kind act of free monthly food? They need the place and any food donations they can receive.

If you can help please contact Blue Star Mothers Chapter 15, Kay Sellers president, at 419-235-0322.

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