Teens brought happiness

First Posted: 4/9/2014

There is a saying, “Give me my flowers while I am living so I can see the beauty they bring.”

I would like to pin some flowers on the teenagers who came to our building (Pilgrim Place) on March 29. These young ladies and young men passed out food bags to each apartment. They also prayed. This was a joyful occasion for me. This young lady prayed from her heart. I could tell that she had some good training, she prayed like she had done this many times before.

Thanks to the person who took the time to train these young missionaries. May God bless you. To the teens, keep up the good work. “You made my day.” Everyone I talked to about you said you made them happy and you acted like you were happy, too.

Teenagers, girls and boys, you are on the right road, please, please, don’t make a turn. Just stay focused and continue your journey.

God loves you, so do I.

Lessie Long, Lima


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