Letter: Time to enforce parking laws

First Posted: 12/30/2013

I am an attorney in Lima, but I live in Auglaize County.

In 2012 and early 2013 I spent almost a year recovering from a sepsis infection that almost killed me. After five operations and a long recovery, period, I became acutely aware of the numbers of people who intentionally abuse handicapped parking placards.

During my recovery I started noticing people using handicapped parking spaces who looked quite young and healthy. I started looking at the placards and found that at any given time, about half the cars had expired placards, no placards, and in some occasions, fraudulent placards.

My surgeons said members of the medical profession have complained about such placards for years. The legislature does nothing and, apparently, neither does law enforcement.

I have a gimpy leg left leg as the result of being shot in the Army and serious limp on the right leg. I also have a five-year renewable handicapped placard. I only use the placard when my legs hurt badly and when the weather changes rapidly with wide temperature swings or precipitation.

Only second to the unlawful parking is the unbelievable “who cares” from law enforcement.

The final straw was when a delivery truck was taking up the only two handicapped spots at the Allen County Courthouse. When I saw the driver, a young man about 18 to 21 years old, I was outraged. I called the police but they would do nothing.

This is purposefully breaking a law for a convenient parking place. Except for life and death circumstances where you must park anywhere, I can't think of a defense for using a fake placard that could pass my laugh test.

Jerome Doute, Lima

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