Allen County Humane Society kicks off campaign

First Posted: 3/20/2014

LIMA — The Allen County Humane Society announced Thursday that it is kicking off a corporate sponsor campaign to help meet its operational needs.

“Every non-profit group is suffering right now,” said Catherine Kouns Born, the group’s president. “The humane society has been no exception. It becomes hard for us because we cannot get grants for operational needs such as paying for the lights or to keep the water running.”

Born explained that the humane society operated on a budget of about $350,000 annually. The funds are raised through in-kind donations, fundraising events, gift shop sales, individual memberships and grants. However, it is projected that funding from all of those areas will cover roughly half of those expenses, and they are hoping corporate entities in the area will help.

“We are reaching out because we need the support,” Born said. “We feel this is the best way for us to raise what we need. Board members and other supporters will be reaching out to their friends and neighbors that they know are business owners.”

Corporate sponsors will be asked to participate in any of four different promotions. The Sponsor a Saturday Program is a day where corporate sponsors can host a day at the center. For $1,000, corporate employees can come spend the day at the shelter and meet the staff and animals. Photos will be available with the animals. The other campaigns include the 80-2-10, where they will seek 80 companies willing to commit $2,000 annually for 10 years, the 50-3-10, 50 companies at $3,000 annually, and the 30-5-10, 30 companies at $5,000 annually for 10 years.

“This would allow us to have more stability in our funding and allow us to maintain things we need to,” Born said.

Born said they are hoping to spend about 20 minutes meeting with businesses one-on-one and describing their daily operation. The building houses about 300 animals comfortably and averages about six adoptions per day. Besides everyday expenses, the Allen County Humane Society has several programs. Zeus’ Pantry provides assistance to low-income families by providing pet food, pet parenting guidance, low-cost spay and neuter services and basic veterinary care such as flea control and vaccinations. Operation Catnip operates within the city of Lima. It is a trap-neuter-release project aimed at controlling the feral cat population. The Humane Education project reaches out to schools, nursing homes, partner organizations and service groups by providing programs, presentations and literature on proper care of pets. Other programs include a foster pet program and animal cruelty investigations.

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