Grand jury indicts man over alleged scam

First Posted: 5/15/2014

LIMA – A man authorities said used the ruse he was collecting for a high school baseball trip to Florida to scam people out of money was indicted on three felonies Thursday.

The Allen County grand jury returned an indictment on three charges of theft from an elderly person, all fifth-degree felonies against 22-year-old Joshua Hinshaw. Bond was set Thursday at $50,000 cash.

Hinshaw said at a court hearing last month “Everybody is blowing this case out of the water like I was going around conning.” He said he was selling magazine subscriptions.

But police investigators said Hinshaw and another person were going door to door in Shawnee Township trying to collect money under the ruse they were Shawnee High School baseball players trying to raise money for a trip to Florida.

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