City Council to talk demographics, budget

First Posted: 12/20/2014

LIMA — Lima’s Human Resources Directer Vincent Ozier compiled the total demographic number of the employees for the city of Lima.

Total — including full time and part time male and female employees — the city employs 370 white, 30 black, six Hispanic, two Asian and Pacific Islander and no Asian persons.

Throughout 2014, city tax receipts have shown “encouraging” signs of increase for local business profits, according to a letter from the city of Lima’s Finance Director, Steve Cleaves to City Council.

It will be up to the council to approve the budget as presented when it meets Monday night.

“Business profits are up 11% in 2014 over their 2013 levels. Withholding taxes by employers for their employees are up 2% and account for the lion’s share of City tax income. In total City tax income is up 3% over 2013 as forecast in the 2014 initial budget estimates,” Cleaves wrote in the letter.

For 2015, Lima’s budget rests at $29.7 million and revenues are “conservatively” estimated at $28.5 million.

“Historically, the general fund budget under runs budgeted numbers by approximately 5 (percent) with careful management of replacement hiring for attrition,” Cleaves wrote, adding the budget is considered balanced.

Cleaves said an estimated year end general fund reserve balance is nearly $8 million, ensuring the city can withstand a “long slow economic recovery process that is underway throughout the State of Ohio,” specifically in the West Central Ohio region.

City Council will receive a report from Lima Police Department’s Andy Green regarding the Police Department’s social media activity, as well as two reports from the Finance Committee.

Henry Huston has privilege of the floor concerning policing.


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