Letter: What I want from a legislator

First Posted: 4/30/2014

Every day I pray that God will save this country from its current course of ruin by sending us wise men and women to serve in our government. We need people who are honest, humble, and compassionate, and are willing to defend our sacred rights, as set forth in the Constitution.

We need people who believe in the Right to Bear Arms and believe in Religious Freedom.

We need people in our government who believe we are all created equal, and are willing to protect our precious unborn children

We also need legislators that know how to improve our economy by encouraging the creation of real jobs, by keeping taxes low, and by limiting unnecessary regulations.

We need people who spend our money wisely, and will read — and understand — complex bills before they vote on them!

And yes, more than ever, we need people who are even willing to stand up and not be deceived by the Federal Government when they attempt to strip our state’s rights. We need more than someone who can talk the talk this campaign season. We need someone who has walked the walk!

That is why I have decided to vote for Bob Cupp for State Representative. His record has proven him to be a strong, honest, conservative leader.

Please join me this Tuesday and vote for a real patriot!

— Ted Darbyshire, Lima

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