FOP honors residents

First Posted: 9/16/2014

LIMA — Leon Campbell was selected as FOP member of the year and Mike Diglia was selected as FOPA member of the year as the Fraternal Order of Police Lima Lodge 21 and Fraternal Order of Police Associates Lodge 8 held their annual citizen recognition and member of the year award dinner Tuesday at the FOP Lodge Hall in Lima.

The award is given annually to a member who has had a positive influence on the organization.

“I most of all want to thank everybody and thank the FOP,” Campbell said as he received his award. “I have been a member for 54 years and I have always been thankful for the support.”

In addition, 12 Lima-area citizens were given the Citizen Recognition Award for their actions over the past year in aiding law enforcement.

Tami, Timothy, Andy and Pamela Conley were awarded for taking action against people who were illegally soliciting funds in Shawnee Township. Some young men were soliciting funds to help fund a baseball team they said would be playing in a tournament in Florida. However, the Conleys asked the two men questions, who had claimed to be seniors at Shawnee High School.

“They couldn’t answer questions about some of the people involved in the school administration,” said Darrell Ball, co-chair of the awards committee. “They felt they should know at least who some of the administrators were.”

The four called the superintendent, and then looked around until they found the two people and confronted them. They later contacted police, which led to their arrests.

Charity Rumpf was given the award for aiding in a potential suicide attempt at Woodland Cemetery. Rumpf was in the cemetery with a man who had intended to do himself harm when a law enforcement officer approached them. Rumpf was able to signal the officer that something was wrong with gestures, and the officer eventually was able to talk the man out of his gun.The man was later taken to St. Rita’s Medical Center for treatment.

Lelanna Spencer, a worker at CVS Pharmacy in Bellefontaine, aided a 67-year old woman who was assaulted with a hammer in the parking lot in a robbery attempt. Spencer chased the guy down and got a license plate number, which ultimately led to the man’s arrest.

Teeara Brenneman and Katie Reynolds were honored for an incident that took place in January at the Ottawa River. The two aided a man who had crashed into the river while intoxicated. Officers said the man likely would have froze to death if they would not have promptly called 911.

Douglas Kaple was honored for helping a 10-year-old girl who had fallen into a pond at Faurot Park on Memorial Day. He rescued her out of the pond and administered first aid until an emergency unit arrived at the park.

Brandy Holstein was awarded for flagging down police officers after she spotted an elderly lady who had fallen into her air conditioner and suffered near fatal wounds.

Finally, Troy Bradshaw and Cleveland Dortch were awarded for aiding in an accident where a mother and father along with their three young children had rolled over in a van. The two helped the family get out of the van and alerted police and emergency personnel of the accident.

“We are all police and it helps when people do the right thing,” Ball said.


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