Dana, UAW donate to local charities

First Posted: 4/25/2014

LIMA — The Dana Corp. and the United Auto Workers union donated more than $15,000 Friday to four local non-profit organizations.

Dana Operating Systems manufacturing manager Kent Bice explained Dana officials interviewed several charities in November and December based on employee recommendations. They submitted applications to the Dana Foundation.

“Dana has gone through the bankruptcy and stuff, so we truly understand in working with the local union that it is very imperative that we give back to the community because a lot of our employees are from this community,” said Bice, who presented the checks with Scott Williams, president of UAW Delphi Local 1765 in Lima. “We sponsored the tiger show at the Allen County Fairgrounds. We gave money last year to the men’s shelter, so there are several things we have done in the past, and we are building on that because there is a need out there.”

A week ago, they presented a check of $5,000 to the Veterans Food Pantry. On Friday, they handed out checks of $4,500 each to the Samaritan House and Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and $2,500 to the Allen County Museum and Historical Society.

Allen County Museum Director Patricia Smith said the donation is important to the museum meeting the needs and wants of the community, which strongly supports it.

“We are very pleased to take this check from Dana and put that toward some exhibit development,” Smith said. “One of the things the museum is working on right now is interpretative planning, which is a long-range type of plan where we are reaching out to people in the community, talking to them about what part of Allen County history do you think is important, what is significant, and what stories should we be telling people walking through the door.”

Samaritan House Executive Director Marilyn Cipollone said the donation will go toward the operation of the emergency center for women and children.

“It helps immensely because funding is down, grants have been reduced, so we have to scramble for every cent so a donation like this means a great deal to the Samaritan House and the people we serve,” Cipollone said.

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