Show me voter fraud

First Posted: 10/17/2014

In a recently televised edition of ” point of view,” Brent Stocksdale claimed that reducing early voting was justified to control voter fraud.

The idea of voter fraud is an often used right wing talking point, and is a complete lie. No evidence has ever been offered anywhere to support it. In the 2012 election , 5.6 million people voted in Ohio, and the 135 cases of suspected fraud were referred to prosecutors. Suspected fraud is not actual fraud, and just because someone tries to vote twice, does not mean they succeeded.

If Mr. Stocksdale has any evidence at all to support his claim, I challenge him to present it. The truth is that restricting voting helps republicans win elections. Mr. Stocksdale is quite aware of this fact. The fewer people that vote , the better it is for republicans. Voting restrictions imposed by republicans are far more likely to impact people who are likely to vote democrat. This is the only motivation for limiting early voting. It has nothing to do with fraud, because there is no such thing as voter fraud.

Extensive investigations by Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, have also concluded this fact. Mr. Stocksdale and hometown stations are simply repeating a common Republican lie. If they could present any evidence to the contrary, I will gladly apologize.

I am only interested in the truth. Show me some.

— Robert Dotson, Lima

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