First Posted: 10/9/2014

Elida Board: Fiscally Conservative

As the Elida Board of Education, our Code of Ethics states that we are to act as advocates for the schools and the children of our community. One of our major responsibilities is the appointment and oversight of the district Treasurer. In Joel L. Parker, CPA, we have a person both capable and licensed. He has experience and training in the fields of government accounting, State and Federal laws related to school district budgeting and financing, financial report preparation, and budget and accounting management as required by statute and the standards of the State Board of Education.

As a board and representatives of our district community, we have reviewed countless financial documents and reports. We have met in regular and special meetings to understand the financial status of Elida Local Schools. WE oversee the annual budget and approve contracts with our employees as required by law.

As the November 4th levy approaches, we can tell our residents/voters with absolute certainty:

The state of Ohio has changed the funding methods for public schools, costing our district over $2 million dollars in state revenues. We have no way to make up this funding loss, other than to return to our voters. WE return to you only after cutting dozens of positions, closing a school building and streamlining our operations to be as lean as possible. It is our intention to continue to be fiscally conservative, stretching your tax dollars as far as possible.

As representatives of the community, joined in a positive, cooperative effort with parents, students and staff, it is the mission of the Elida Board of Education to determine the direction of the school district, set policies, define goals and work toward providing the highest quality resources that will ensure that every student receives the very best education possible and is prepared for the future as a productive and responsible citizen.

Successful communities invest in themselves. Public schools are a part of that investment.

Please get the facts and vote FOR your Elida Schools on November 4, 2014.

The Elida School Board:

— Christine Ulrick, Patrick J. Schymanski, Jeff Christoff, Jason Bowers and Brenda Stocker


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