Huckabee cartoon was offensive

First Posted: 2/4/2014

I was offended and disappointed that The Lima News editorial board printed the “Mike Huckabee’s Best Pick- Up Line” cartoon.

This was another example of the left’s smear campaign against anyone who dares to disagree with them regarding pro-life issues.

If you heard Gov. Huckabee’s commentary, he was making the statement that the Democrats’ fabrication of the supposedly “War on Women” is nonsense. He made the point that women are not victims of their gender and that they do not need the government to pay for abortion and birth control to have control of their lives. This should not be the role of the government.

Gov. Huckabee and Christians feel that women deserve respect for their worth and valued. Gov. Huckabee made the point being pro-life does not mean you are against women. It means you value life and hope women make good choices regarding their lives. The pro-choice philosophy is an insult to the millions of women who make extraordinary sacrifices for their children and families, and should not be demeaned as the Democratic left like to do.

“MSNBC” promoted the misrepresentation of Gov. Huckabee’s commentary. MSNBC had to apologize and retract their smear campaign statements. Maybe The Lima News should also apologize for promoting this lie.

Jean Welch, Lima

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