Two heroes save the day

First Posted: 2/3/2014

This week I had the good fortune to be assisted by two hometown heroes.

My car sounded strange as I was traveling on Cable Road in the late afternoon. I turned on to a side street and got out to check my tires. Bad luck — I had a flat.

Then the situation worsened.

My car was running and the doors had locked themselves! It was about 7 degrees outside and I had no way to summon help. But help (Hero #1) arrived.

A gentleman stopped his car and asked if I needed assistance. He called my road service company and we were told that “all lines were busy and to call back later.” He quickly called a friend from the American Mall service station to see if he would come and get the car open.

We sat in his warm vehicle for a few minutes until Hero #2 appeared and quickly got the car doors unlocked. Then Hero #1 jacked up my car on the icy roadway and replaced my very flat tire with the spare.

I was quickly on my way to a repair shop. I want to thank Greg Miller and his friend for going out of their way to help a panicked woman. You are truly gentlemen and my hometown heroes!

Elaine Ladicks, Lima

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