Lt. Gov. Taylor speaks at GOP dinner

First Posted: 9/18/2014

ST. MARYS — It was a promise of more of the same.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor said a vote for Gov. John Kasich-Taylor Ohio gubernatorial would be a vote to continue the same things being done in the state since the duo’s election in 2012. Taylor was the featured speaker Thursday at the Auglaize County Fall Republican Dinner held at the Galaxy Diner and Hall in rural St. Marys.

Taylor said she felt that if people took a look at what had happened in Ohio over the last four years, that policies from the Kasich administration were having a positive influence.

“Auglaize County is representative of what is going on in Ohio,” Taylor said. “It is agricultural families and hardworking people.”

Taylor said wages are increasing, and at a faster pace than in other states. She said 250,000 jobs have been created and personal taxes have been cut by 10 percent. She said the state unemployment rate has dropped to 5.7 percent according to the Department of Job and Family Services. It had peaked as high as 9.1 percent when the Kasich-Taylor team was taking over.

“It shows why policy does matter,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that a 50 percent business tax cut supported by the Kasich-Taylor administration is also responsible for attracting jobs. Recently, Abbott Laboratories in nearby Tipp City added 240 jobs due to tax cuts, Taylor said. The Abbott plant produces the nutritional drink Ensure.

Abbott had looked at building facilities in other states , including Indiana.

Taylor said the administration was able to close an $8 million hole in the budget. She said the state is also focusing better on providing better services for the state’s 900,000 military veterans and helping attack a rise in drug use, particularly heroin and opiate use.

She incorporated those in attendance to helping out with the drug issue.

“Studies show that a young person is 50 percent less likely to use drugs if you simply talk to them about the dangers of drug use,” Taylor said.

“I think people just need to look at where we were in 2011 and where we are now,” Taylor said. “All around we are hearing people being optimistic. People seem to be more positive in Ohio.”

Taylor said the campaign is “looking good” as the November election draws nearer. Kasich and Taylor are up for re-election against Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald. She said it was important for voters to relate the positive message and get others out to vote.

“I had a reporter ask me if it was fair to give the governor credit for four years of growth in Ohio,” Taylor said. “I believe that answer is yes. He is pro jobs and pro growth. We would like to continue on this path because we have made a difference. However, there is still much more to do.”

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