Down the road my angel went

First Posted: 1/29/2014

My brother and I are in our mid-to late 70’s, disabled and in poor health.

Sunday afternoon I was in the shower and my dog would not stop barking. I went to my bedroom window and saw a man on a small tractor cleaning my drive. When I dressed and went to the door, he was disappearing down rural Spencerville Road.

He was wearing winter coveralls and a hood. I could not tell who he was, but he sure was an angel. Praise the Lord, thank you sir.

I am recovering from surgery and missed a hospital appointment and a doctor visit during this episode of global warming. I have fallen three times on this snow and ice. I have a farm field across the road and the wind had buried my drive.

Thank you again sir. The world needs more like you. God bless.

— Thom Goodwin, Spencerville

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