Keep Elida schools strong

First Posted: 10/28/2014

A vote for the Elida Local Schools levy needed.

I have attended the same board meetings as Eugene Heitmeyer (“Letter: Proposed levy way too much,” Tuesday), also the district financial summit, talked to the superintendent and the treasurer, and know that the need is real for the additional money.

Heitmeyer speaks of running the school like a business. That may work in concept, however the reality is that the schools are funded by the state and the state simply doesn’t have the funds to fund each school district appropriately. As a business professional myself, businesses can control their revenue in the form of raising the price.

Public schools on the other hand, receive their revenue from the state, federal and local governments. They can’t raise their prices to educate young people. They are tasked with educating all people, no matter the background.

Some people require more time and energy to educate and with that there is a price, unfortunately, it is not always a funded solution. Therefore, the people in each school district must do their part to help keep their community strong with a good public school system.

No one wants to pay more in taxes, however, this is your future. You can decide if you want strong schools, strong community, and future leaders by a vote for Elida Local Schools. I am voting “yes” to keep Elida schools strong.

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