Mosque protester within rights

First Posted: 5/27/2014

The Allentown Road anti-mosque construction leaflet was too small to read in The Lima News to make up one’s mind about whether it was bigoted hate speech and relying completely on any government leader, employee or the news media to inform on who or what to demonize is a fools mission.

The leaflet writer and distributor have U.S. constitutional First Amendment protection for writing and distributing it even though some people may find it distasteful, as long as the information on the leaflet or the act of distributing isn’t committing a crime nor inciting anyone to commit a crime against Muslims and the doctor or anyone else for that matter.

The unknown writer and distributor and anyone else has a right to protest the building of the mosque as long as they protest lawfully. This same First Amendment protection would apply to the leaflet writer lawfully protesting the building of a Catholic church, a Baptist church, or even a church dedicated to worshiping Lucifer as they also have the same rights to religious liberty.

This is a God-given fundamental constitutional protection that our great Founders envisioned that not only protects the leaflet writer, but also those in the community who may find the leaflet offensive. Muslims have just as much protection under the law if they feel intimidated by attempting to redress their grievances in court.

Where was the righteous outrage on religious liberty violations when President Barack Obama and his regime intimidated The Little Sisters of the Poor and the Catholic Church as well as other religious groups, including Muslims, by attempting to force acceptance of Health and Human Services contraceptive mandates that are contrary to their religious beliefs?

Mike DeVita, Lima

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