Springbrook Estates getting sewer updates

First Posted: 9/30/2014

LIMA — The Springbrook Estates, a housing community north of Lima, will see sewer updates within the next two years, said Steve Kayatin, Allen County Sanitary Engineer.

The estates are located near the Springbrook Golf Club by state Route 65 and state Route 115.

“There is a nuisance and inclusion issue up there from failing septic tanks. We need to look at providing a public sanitary sewer to the area,” Kayatin said.

The project is estimated to cost roughly $1.4 million.

The department has been seeking alternative methods for funding for the project, as Community Development Block Grants don’t “seem to be working out as far as obtaining any grant money there due to the income levels being a little higher than required by the state,” Kayatin said.

The State Issue 1 seems to be the second-most likely avenue for funding.

Kayatin said the Board of Health requested the commissioners look in to the problem by way of resolution. The Sanitary Engineering Department met with property owners in the estates and provided them with information and plans surrounding the project.

Allen County commissioners approved a resolution allowing Kayatin to submit an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission for a $350,000 grant and $500,000 loan for the project. The residents of the area will be kept informed of the process and new information, Kayatin said.

“It’s been a while since I’ve requested funds from Issue 1. I realize out of the budget of those Issue 1 dollars does a lot of paving, bridges and that type of work,” Kayatin said. “This is a project that I’m really struggling to get any financing and help for.”

Kayatin said $14,000 has been spent on property assessments alone thus far.

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