Officer Brown (dad), a Christian man

First Posted: 3/12/2014

I am one of seven children of Officer Brown who was murdered Jan. 5, 1974. I want to express who our father was.

Dad was humble and honest. He loved helping other’s, probably the reason he became a law officer. The day he found his savior and started his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he became “NEW” or re-born. All dad wanted was to share this new exciting life he found with others. We know he is remembered for his faith by the stories some of his fellow officers have shared with us. They called him Brownie, and told how dad was always inviting them down to church. He wanted to wash our feet, we were told. Yep, that was dad. A true sinner saved by grace: That was what he wanted for every person he saw.

This letter wrote by dad in 1972, put in a sealed envelope and tucked in his Bible was read at his funeral, just so short of time after he wrote it. I want to share that with you:

“This service is not for brother Bill Brown. I have taken flight to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ. This service is for the souls still in the earthly bodies, come and let God do for you what he did for me, praise his Holy name. He is still the same today and forever.

“As you sit there sober faced and sorrowful, looking at the dust of the earth my soul once lived in, think of that wonderful song. … Oh what a day that will be when my Jesus I will see.

Our family is so humbled by all the support given, we thank each and every one for taking time to be a voice for Dad and justice.

— Deb Hurst, Lima

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