Positively addictive: Annual event preaches wholesome habits

First Posted: 5/9/2014

LIMA — Lima's Catholic schools held their annual Positive Addiction Week this week, a program encouraging students from kindergarten through eighth grade to form wholesome habits rather than succumbing to drug and alcohol addiction.

This intense week-long program provided information to students on a variety of subjects, all focused on self-image and relationships with others. Topics included prescription and performance enhancing drug abuse, social networking, teen pregnancy and abstinence, while also offering workshops on sports skills, conditioning, jujitsu, biking and hip-hop dance.

The week concluded with an address from keynote speaker Amy Kentner, a noted area runner, followed by a pigeon release symbolic of the “release of the spirit.”

All Lima Catholic schools then participated in a 5-kilometer race, followed by a Kewpee lunch, games and an awards ceremony in the St. Charles school gymnasium. St. Gerard Parish Center then hosted a Positive Addiction celebration dance Friday evening.

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