Mother wants herself, children to smile for holidays

First Posted: 12/15/2014

LIMA — For Brittany Hannah, getting clothes for her children this holiday season would put a long overdue smile on her face.

Hannah, 31, and a single mother of four who lives in Lima, said nothing has put a smile on her face for about a year. The last time was when she got the apartment she lives in.

Hannah’s home was broken into about a year ago and the thief took several large electronics and some of the children’s clothing. Now, her 8-year-old doesn’t have any jeans and none of the children have had new clothes in three years.

Hannah also has no income, she’s a stay-at-home mom with several medical problems she can’t get help for because of her lack of health insurance. She limps around her apartment, as she believes a lump in her breast spread cancer to her leg and is causing her pain.

She also gets debilitating migraines.

Breast cancer runs in her family, her mother is a survivor, and though Hannah found a lump in her breast more than a year ago, she doesn’t have the money to get it biopsied.

“I don’t want to leave my kids anytime soon,” she said.

And one of the things she wants for Christmas is to be healthy again.

With rent, medical bills for her and her asthmatic son and utility bills, “it’s just been hard,” she said.

She wants to make her children smile this holiday season.

Her children, Evan, 15; Taylor, 10; Terry, 8; and Olivia, 5, need clothes this holiday season. Evan is size 10 1/2 in shoes, extra large in shirts and 20 in pants; Taylor is a 9 1/2 to 10 in shoes, 21 to 22 in pants and a junior girls extra large in shirts; Terry is a 5 1/2 shoe, 14 shirt and 13 to 14 pants; and Olivia is a 12 to 12 1/2 in shoes, and an 8 in girls pants and shirts.

All the children need hats, gloves and boots and Taylor and Evan need coats, Hannah said, and Terry, who has asthma, needs a scarf to cover his mouth while waiting in the cold for the bus. Hannah herself needs boots, size 10, and pants size 16 to 17. The family also needs a TV and a couch.

The family also needs stocking stuffers for the children, toilet paper and toothpaste. She’d like a Christmas dinner, tablets for the three youngest, a cellphone for Evan, an easy bake oven for Taylor, turtles and transformers for Terry and Peppa Pig for Olivia.

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