NAACP: Get out and vote

First Posted: 10/30/2014

We are challenging the minority population in Lima to get out and vote on Tuesday. Our future is at a potential risk when we do not engage in the election process. We are confronting important issues such as injustices in the court systems, education equality and economic opportunity. Therefore, we must be courageous and stand in solidarity and get out the vote.

Your vote cannot be denied but when you don’t exercise your right to vote, your voice cannot and will not be heard. The people are to choose their governments—their representatives and if we want to see a difference in our community, know that your vote counts and reform can only occur when you exercise your right to vote.

If you want your circumstances to change in your state, vote on Tuesday. If you need transportation to and from the polls, please call our transportation hotline at 419-516-1122 and we will make sure you get to the polls to cast your ballot.

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