OSU-Lima preparing for incoming class

First Posted: 8/4/2014

LIMA — Ohio State University’s local campus will roll out the red carpet later this month for more than 400 new freshman starting their college careers.

All are from Ohio and will make up more than a quarter of the incoming class that begins classes Aug. 27.

A portion of those attending the local campus are doing so to save money, and perhaps live at home saving even more. Many will transfer to the Columbus main campus next year, said Bryan Albright, the director of enrollment services at the local campus.

“We see a lot more students who want to be Buckeyes start on the Lima campus,” he said.

Half the students attending the local branch will be the first in their family to go to college, he said.

Those attending the local campus have an average ACT college acceptance score of 22.5. The Columbus branch has an average ACT of 28, he said.

The local branches offer smaller class sizes and more time with professors preparing them for the remaining years at the main campus, if they so choose, he said.

Academically, Ohio State ranks No. 1 in the state and No. 16 nationally, Albright said.

The local campus has nine majors students can remain on the Lima campus all four years to earn their degrees, said Kristina Healy, the assistant director of advising.

The local campus also is looking at expanding its engineering program so students can remain on campus two years before transferring to Columbus, she said.

Students preparing to transfer to Columbus must have at least a 2.0 grade point average and complete one year on a regional campus such as Lima.

Tuition on Lima’s campus is $7,140 a year, about $3,000 less than tuition on the Columbus campus. That does not include room and board. Many students will receiving some type of financial aid.

Albright said the local campus is raising money for a student life center to give students a place to hangout between classes, sit down with a cup of coffee, or go to exercise, he said.

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