Letter: Nothing wrong with fewe chickens

First Posted: 5/1/2014

In the news article of April 28 “Chickens in the City,” I feel as if I have been labeled a second class citizen.

I have a vegetable garden my present residence for the last 49 years. I have hung my clothes outside, weather permitting, the same length of time. So I am poor because of this?

I think not!

Wanting good, fresh food for my family as well as good exercise is priceless! Why is it wrong to want healthy food? To want to raise a few chickens for fresh eggs is a great idea. As long as they are well kept, what’s the problem?

I love the smell of my clothes after they have been dried outside. This also is a money saver as well as good exercise. I feel that an apology is needed for a remark such as what was stated in that article! Some of the ordinances and laws on the books should be reviewed and changed. What was good 20 years ago may not apply today.

By the way, the neighborhood I live in is in the city limits. It is not a rundown area or a poverty stricken area of Lima. Maybe the City Council members need to get to know the people and what they want in Lima.

Thank goodness for elections!

— Linda Dietz, Lima

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