Putnam sheriff warns of home burglaries

First Posted: 11/10/2014

PANDORA — Putnam County sheriff officials were warning residents to take an extra moment to lock their homes and car doors to stop an opportunistic thief.

Someone hit nine homes in the early hours Sunday inside Pandora and just outside the village. In all cases, the homes or cars were unlocked, said Capt. Brian Siefker of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

In some of them, the person entered an unlocked garage to get inside an unlocked car to steal a purse or wallet. In one case, the burglar found keys in the car to unlock a door to the home and enter to steal a purse or wallet, Siefker said.

“There is no forced entry,” he said.

Sheriff officials do not believe the burglar wants a confrontation and is taking steps to avoid such. Investigators also believe if people would lock their homes, garages and cars it would prevent them from being a target.

The thief knew people likely would be sleeping and targeted those locations in the middle of the night, Siefker said.

Siefker also urges people to use lighting around the outside of the home and to call the police deparmtent or the sheriff’s office if they see or hear anything suspicious.

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