Quarter auction raises $4K

First Posted: 2/18/2014

On Jan. 1, close to 400 women, and a few brave men, gathered at Apollo Career Center to participate in our Annual Quarter auction. Together, they contributed more than $4,000 for breast cancer awareness programs in Allen County.

On behalf of HCF, Burton’s Ridge, Shawnee, Lima, Wapakoneta and Roselawn Manors, I would like to thank all the participants who helped make this event a success. Our generous prize sponsors included the Lima Symphony Orchestra, the Holiday Inn, Biggby Coffee, Maria Sanko, YMCA, Old Barn Out Back and East of Chicago Pizza. The 40 participating vendors also contributed items to our auction. And the staff, administration and friends of our five facilities chipped in to make the day successful.

Thanks to all your efforts, $4,077 has been contributed to the Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition and the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides campaign. All those quarters, combined for a cause, have the power to literally save lives and will go a long way in helping to educate the women of Allen County on the vital importance of early detection.

Jennifer Mills

Community Marketing Director


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