Big Hero 6 – PG

First Posted: 11/11/2014

The Story

“I know he’s not really gone as long as we remember him,” says Hiro Hamada (voice of Ryan Potter), “but I still miss him.” Hiro’s talking about his brother Tadashi (voice of Daniel Henney) to robot Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit). Tadashi died trying to save his robotics professor, Robert Callahan (voice of James Cromwell) from deadly explosion and fire. Baymax, Hiro’s lovable, funny, inflatable, personal health-care robot, was created by his older brother Tadashi, and looks a lot like Pillsbury’s doughboy. That’s the setup for this first-rate animated adventure.

Will Hiro’s friends provide the emotional support he needs? Will the six heroes defeat the masked bad guy? Will you have a good time at “Big Hero 6”? I did.

The Actors

Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez and Damon Wayans Jr. are fun as the voices of the title characters. Potter and Adsit are Hiro, 14-year old science prodigy, and Baymax, robotic health-care companion/superhero. Miller, Chung, Rodriguez and Wayans voice, respectively, Fred (rich dude), Go Go Tomago (take-charge co-ed), Honey Lemon (bespectacled chemistry whiz) and Wasaki (nice guy obsessive). A diverse group of friends, they acquire superpowers, thanks to Hiro, and work together to identify and — maybe — defeat the bad guy.

Others in the voice cast include Daniel Henney as Hiro’s brother Tadashi, James Cromwell as avuncular robotics professor Robert Callahan and Alan Tudyk as ambitious CEO Alastair Krei.

Other Comments

“Big Hero 6” is a family-friendly animated adventure from Disney. It’s influenced by anime, a Japanese cartoon style developed in the late 1940s when Disney feature films reached Japan. Chris Williams and Donald Hall directed “BH6” from a script by Jordan Roberts, Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird, with characters drawn from the Marvel Comics universe. Lots of action and color for kids, including fart jokes when inflatable Baymax’s batteries run low, “BH6” also has sentiment and heart for adults. Hiro’s love for brother Tadashi and robot Baymax is at the film’s emotional center. Bring a hankie for good-bye scenes. While the final battle is too long and noisy, there are plenty of film-going pleasures in this one.

“BH6” is rated PG for perilous action, rude humor (Coincidental that BM are the robot’s initials?) and themes. The film runs 102 minutes. Its take-away is, as Baymax says, “Those who suffer loss require support from friends and loved ones.”

Final Words

You’ll love “Big Hero 6,”

Warm-hearted action pix;

This anime/Disney mix —

On my list of 10-best flicks.

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