Minimum wage benefits very few

First Posted: 2/25/2014

When politicians’ policies effect the cost of living they always want businesses to bear the cost of their failed policies.

Facts about minimum wage that they never tell us;

Only one percent of the US labor force earn minimum wage; teenagers comprise the single largest age group of minimum wage workers, most of the workers are under the age of 25, over 51 percent of those are in food preparations or sales, less than 5 percent work in construction or manufacturing, majority work less than 30 hours per week, less than 1/3 work full time, a full-time minimum wage worker in 2014 will make 24 percent more than the federal poverty limit, 1/3 either dropped out of or never attended high school, we have nearly six times more minimum wage workers today than in 2007.

Any worker making over the projected increase will not see the same increase; example if you make $11 and minimum wage is increased you will still make $11 an hour so your buying power has just been reduced.

Government needs to get out of the way of business and stop costing them excessive taxes and wages will go up. Wake up and do you research and stop voting for people who don’t have your interest in their hearts and sell you a pack of lies

Gary Wicker, Waynesfield

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