Ada renewal levy won’t cost you more

First Posted: 4/11/2014

I am writing to discuss the Ada Exempted Village Schools’ 2.9 mill permanent improvement levy that will face the Ada voters on May 6. As a renewal tax, this five-year levy will generate similar dollars for the school, as it has since last replaced in 2008. A permanent improvement levy has existed at the Ada Schools since 1990, almost 25 years. Other key facts regarding the renewal levy include:

• The purpose of the tax is to provide permanent improvements for the district. Generally, permanent improvements are assets/site improvements which will last longer than five years. The major areas of spending in the past five years have been in technology, school buses, building improvements, furniture and new equipment. The nature of a permanent improvement levy does not allow use of these funds for general operations, including salaries and benefits.

• Without a permanent improvement levy, the Ada Schools will be forced to use the general fund revenue for such needed assets. While working hard, the Board of Education has taken difficult measures to keep expenditures in line with the given amount of general fund revenue. By renewing this permanent improvement levy and maintaining these funds, it will ensure that the Ada Schools will meet known and unexpected capital costs. By renewing this levy, the school will save general fund revenue and protect academic services.

The Ada Exempted Village School Board of Education is committed to being responsible stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. The renewal of this levy on May 6 will ensure that the Ada Schools remain efficient and effective. I am asking for your support for this important renewal levy. If you have additional questions or desire additional information regarding this levy, please do not hesitate to contact me at 419-634-6421.

— Christy Beaschler, Treasurer, Ada Exempted Village Schools

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