Negatively still exists following Browns win

First Posted: 10/8/2014

Man, what an incredible come from behind win for the Browns on Sunday!

Did you know it was the greatest comeback for a team on the road in NFL history?

Did you know it was the greatest comeback for the Browns in their storied history?

Yet, I know several Browns’ fans that still aren’t happy.


“I’m enjoying it — just once in a great while, I’d like to enjoy two halves, especially against a team like Tennessee,” a Lima Browns fan texted me after the unbelievable comeback.


And this is the same guy who had texted at the half, “I’m done. I’m going out to cut the grass. This team is a total waste of my time and yours.”

That was when the Browns were getting crushed, 28-10 by the Titans, and at one time actually trailed in the game 28-3.

Yet, that same guy will probably venture to Cleveland on Sunday and go watch the Browns play the rival Steelers.


And he is not alone, with the negativity.

During the first half, I had texted out to a group of Browns fans, “remind me why we thought the Browns defense was going to be good?”

And here were the following responses:

“Because of all-pros like Joe Haden,” (who was having another horrible game), said one texter.

“No better than the ’99 Browns,” texted another.

“This is way more stressful than the ’98 Browns,” replied yet another “Browns” fan.

“That’s because there were no Browns in 1998,” responded another.

I did not respond to any of those texts.

I turned to my wife, who had been sleeping through most of the ugliness in the first half, and said, “let’s get back in this thing.”

And sure enough the Browns did.

And Holly was the Browns’ biggest fan, staying positive the entire time, until the comeback was complete.

And so did I.

I always feel better after a Browns victory.

But Sunday’s was definitely special.

To come back from 25 points down — I don’t care who you are playing and where you are playing, that is an incredible victory.

And to see those Browns fans that were at the game in Nashville, and cheering at the end — and they were loud, too — man that was really cool.

Those fans stayed till the end, and kept the faith, and were rewarded with an awesome experience.

You could look back at the Browns game and say they should have done this or should have done that, or whatever.

That’s what negativity does for you.

After the game, I only said, “why not just enjoy this incredible victory, forget all of the bad stuff,” to my “negative Nellies.”

And they were not alone.

There are plenty of examples of “negative Nellies” with other NFL teams.

A couple of Cincinnati Bengals players this week called out their fans who had suddenly jumped off their bandwagon, after Cincy was embarrassed on national TV Sunday night at New England.

Excuse me — the Bengals are still 3-1.

And how about the Patriots fans that had jumped off the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady trains, when New England was crushed in Kansas City by the Chiefs on the national tube the Monday prior.

What are those fans thinking now?

They tell me social media is a good thing.

Texting, and Twitter, and Facebook.


They are forums where you can instantly give your opinion and many times it is your emotions that control what is written.

And many times it is negative.

Maybe we should wait before we hit “send” and think about what we have written.

Hey, it starts with me.

And you.

And you and you and you.

My guess is that the same types of responses will be there this weekend as well-no matter which team you root for.

Old habits are hard to break.

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