1957 Chevy Convertible

First Posted: 3/12/2014

LIMA —In 1957, a two page Chevrolet magazine ad proclaimed that Chevy put the “purr” in “performance”. Over the years these popular cars have become one of the most desirable and collectible post-war cars of all and an icon for a generation. The 1957 Chevy Convertible is one of the most recognizable cars of all time. The front-end appearance and rear-tailfin styling is linked to the ‘57 Cadillac. And yes, it was planned that way. This model was like nothing else ever created. The wheelbase was a few inches longer, it’s design out of this world, and the engineers finished it with new 14-inch wheels to give the car a “softer” ride. The 1957 Chevrolet was a “one-year-wonder,” as the ‘58 was completely redesigned.

Gary Noss, of Lima, brought his 1957 Chevy Convertible to The Lima News’ Real Wheels Cruise-In. He has owned it for five years. He saved it from the junk yard. After two and a half years of restoration, he is left with this beautiful, iconic car that most car enthusiasts can appreciate.

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