Liberal Democrats are a herd of sheep

First Posted: 4/9/2014

I saw a picture the other day of a herd of sheep with a shepherd leading them because they are clueless and need to be controlled. The caption underneath the picture said, “This is what the liberal progressive Democrat voter has become. A herd of clueless people that like to be controlled by government.”

There are three different groups of liberal Democrat voters in this herd.

The first group in the herd of sheep that will vote for the liberal Democrat is the welfare people who could work but don’t and are promised a monthly welfare check, free Obama phone, and free Obamacare for their liberal Democrat vote.

Second group is the liberal women who will vote for the Democrat just because they are promised by the Democrats free contraceptives and no limits on abortion.

Third group is the homosexuals who will vote for the liberal Democrat because they are promised gay marriage.

These three groups in the herd are very selfish people. They don’t care about anything about future generations. All they care about is themselves and their welfare checks, unlimited abortions and gay marriage.

Glen Lewis, Lima

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