A third of new businesses started online

First Posted: 9/17/2014

COLUMBUS — One third of the new companies in Ohio are started online, with about 23,000 filings for online businesses since October.

Secretary of State Jon Husted released the new business filing figures on Tuesday and in addition to an increased number of online filings, more businesses are filed in Ohio this August than in August 2013.

In August, 7,545 new entities filed to do business in Ohio and in August 2013, 7,094 new entities filed.

The Secretary of State’s office assisted with 63,721 new business filings from January to August, according to the release, an increase from the same months last year when there were 62,323.

During 2012 and 2013, a “record-setting” number of new businesses filed in Ohio, with more than 88,000 filing each year.

The filing numbers are an “important indicator of economic activity,” according to the release, and growth in online business filings has been “steady and available online services continue to be expanded.”

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