Being poisoned in name of profits

First Posted: 4/25/2014

How simple minded we have become. Never researching, even though we have an entire Internet to gain knowledge, believing whatever the media prints, the big pharma companies claim and allowing the FDA to poison us at every turn in the name of profit.

For those interested in another “side” to the vaccination epidemic, here is a website that can guide you to making decisions against the “sheeple” mentality of herd vaccines.

There are many more links to find information about what exactly is in the vaccines that we so eagerly allow our children to receive, starting within hours of birth to the over 65 vaccines that are pushed on older people.

The first step would be, to ask the person holding the vial for you or your children’s next vaccine, what is in this vial? See if they are informed enough to understand what they are injecting into your body. If not, ask to see the paperwork that comes in every vial of vaccine with the list of “ingredients.” You will be amazed that you have agreed to allow these toxic and lethal injections.

Funny really how people complain about people smoking around them, the old second hand smoke theories, yet line up for toxins to be injected in to their bloodstreams.

— Melissa Bowers, Lima


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