Time to get down and start writing book

First Posted: 10/25/2014

It’s time to write a book!

An effort was made once before off the timing of the series of articles in the Reminisce section for The Lima News. The motivation has even gotten greater.

That motivation came from a question that was asked during a recent meeting with a group of leaders. I was challenged as to why I was so connected to the 700 Club Tournament. My response was both quick and telling.

“Because I am old!”

It did not end there as words were shared of concern that as the board does all that it can to keep the sport current and creative that we are at risk of getting further away from the history and the tradition of the game. Some would argue that we have already forgotten some of the past stars of the game when the Hall of Fame selections are considered. Individuals such as Don Duebler and even Carl Neely and Jerry Meeker are becoming footnotes on our past.

Hence the book!

From board members to members of the association to those who report the game to include the immortal Mike Lackey as well as myself, we all have our stories.

For instance we have all heard the stories about balls being tossed into Hog Creek. Were you the victim or a tosser? Let’s hear the story — the statute of limitations is probably up.

There was once a day that Bob and Dick Moreo spun a top across the counter at Moreo Lanes and thought about how interesting it would be if a ball could spin the same way — where are you Dick we need to talk.

Remember the good old days when bad shots were due to operator error? Where are you Bodie?

Somebody has to have something to say about Bowl-Mor, the L & L and the old Broadway — lanes aptly named for the old days of Lima.

We do not have to go back to the way old days of Lima, there are more modern members that we will want to time capsule as well. Todd Book is not the only bowler that we have had attempt the door. It would be great to hear what it was like being a rabbit — the route that Bill Meeker and Don Boyed used to explore the tour.

We also have had teams do well and capture state titles in both the high school and adult world. What was it like?

What are your greatest memories of the Lima City Singles? Was it the addition of the Ladies Division to assure Alice Kelliher would not take down the men? Was it the early dominance of Dennis Roney and Tom Schwenzer or the era of Boyed, Ambroza and Miller?

What are your stories of the junior and high school scene? I cannot even think of the concept with a mental picture of Madalyn Riepenhoff! She was so very important to our bowling community. She would be so proud of her children and efforts in keeping 20th Century Lanes current.

Speaking of the junior and high school scene. Twenty years ago would you have projected that we had so many 300 games and state bowling titles for the youth from our area?

There is a ton of material out there — you have it and I want it — my research has begun.

Please send me what you have in care of The Lima News, drop it off at one of the lanes or by email at jgham@wcoil.com .


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