Caring, generous with free time

First Posted: 1/27/2014

Every time it snows, Josh Carder clears our driveway. The story of a young man who regularly shovels the driveway of senior citizen neighbors whenever it snows might not sound extraordinary. However, this young man refuses to take any money for the work he does. Not too many 19- or 20-year-olds are this caring or generous with their free time.

On one occasion I was hoping I could leave money with his parents, and that’s when I learned how Josh got his generosity. Both Mark and Krystal were adamant that Josh not be paid. At a later time, I drove home in the dark to find Josh shoveling our driveway. When I told him I had to insist he take money, he said something like this: “That would spoil it for me. I like the good feeling I get when I’m helping someone out.” Silence on my part. Wow!! What could I say to that?! “Thank you, thank you very much!” That seemed so inadequate.

Yes, we are senior citizens but not elderly by any means. However, over 7 years ago my husband Bob had a triple bypass; working outside in the cold is not recommended. No problem, I thought. I am a few years younger and I can handle our snowblower. And, for the most part I have until this snow season. Due to a fall that has brought on severe neck pain and with neck surgery coming up mid-February, I have resisted getting outside with that rather heavy snowblower. Just when I decide to go do it anyway, there’s Josh out there already taking care of it.

Josh probably would resist being labelled an angel just as he won’t accept pay, but snow hero — that is what he is — for sure!

— Carol Gibson, Elida

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