Gas prices down again

First Posted: 10/27/2014

LIMA — Gas prices were down 53 cents from last month’s average in Lima, ringing in at $2.81 per gallon on Monday.

The price per gallon is down 2.7 cents from Sunday’s average, 11.3 cents from last week’s average and 32.1 cents from last year’s average, according to prices reported by

Allen County had the lowest gas prices among the surrounding counties for the third week in a row, with $2.81 a gallon, while Putnam County trailed closely behind at $2.87. Both Auglaize County and Hardin County rang up at $2.92 and all counties stayed below $3 with Hancock County and Van Wert County both at $2.95.

Ohio prices were down across the board, ringing in on Monday at $2.92 per gallon. Prices were down 13.3 cents from last week’s average, 38.7 cents from last month’s average and 33 cents from last year’s average.


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