Wachtmann again caught wet-handed

First Posted: 12/3/2014

State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann is up to his old tricks, once again attempting to use his position in the Ohio Legislature to benefit his personal business.

Wachtmann is trying to sneak a last-minute amendment into state agriculture legislation that is now awaiting action in the Ohio Senate. The amendment would seek to loosen the standards for withdrawing water from Lake Erie. Coincidentally, the Republican from Napoleon, whose 81st District includes Putnam County, just happens to be president of a water bottling company and partner in a residential water treatment firm.

Wachtmann tried something similar three years ago when he attempted to open Lake Erie to commercial water withdrawal, only to see Ohio Gov. John Kasich veto the measure.

Kasich needs to again exercise that same veto if Wachtmann’s amendment remains in the bill when it gets to the governor’s desk. The good news is that the governor already is watching the legislation closely. Last month he promised it would be dead on arrival if lawmakers didn’t keep a requirement that phone companies must provide land lines in rural areas lacking cell-phone service.

Actions such as Wachtmann’s are what give politicians a bad name.

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