Letter: Stop the hotel tax increase

First Posted: 5/19/2014

Fresh off of a quarter percent sales tax increase for the entire state of Ohio, the state legislators representing Lima are now looking to add a 3 percentage point hotel tax increase. This would take the total tax at checkout rate at Lima hotels to 15.75 percent.

This is a tax on all your friends and families who will stay at hotels during weddings and other special events. This is a tax on all the area businesses that rent hotel rooms. This new tax will make Lima’s hotel tax several points higher than cities it competes with for business.

Moreover, the plan is for the funds to go to the struggling government-owned Civic Center that has been plagued with operation and maintenance issues since it opened. The center already is being subsidized by $250,000 annually from the current hotel tax.

The proposal has been put forth by state Rep. Matt Huffman from Lima and now it is up to Senate President Keith Faber to do the right thing and stop the tax.

Dan Peterson, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott Lima

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