Dominion identifies 4 Lima projects for ‘14

First Posted: 3/5/2014

LIMA — The polar vortexes ushering in sub-zero temperatures the last two months delayed completion of two 2013 projects and is slowing the start of at least four other natural gas line replacements in the Lima area, a Dominion East Ohio Gas manager says.

External Affairs Manager Peggy Ehora discussed the Dominion East Ohio’s West Ohio division construction schedule for 2014 on Wednesday during Lima Mayor Dave Berger’s weekly press briefing.

“We are trying to finish the projects we started in 2013 and then began construction on projects in 2014 and the deep freezes have given us much deeper frost line than what we have had in the recent past,” Ehora said. “This can really wreak havoc with contractors and employees who have to do underground construction projects.

“I am sure we are like everybody else and just waiting for a little bit of a thaw so we can get things moving a little more quickly than we are right now,” she said.

Ehora said they are converting the last of the services from the old mainline to the new line on the $1.8 million Ashton and Metcalf street projects. They installed a high-pressure steel line along the $1.3 million Ottawa Road project and are in the process of converting 42 services to the new line. Both projects should be completed by the end of March.

The two projects complete 10 Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement projects replacing 163,325 feet of pipe and costing more than $16 million.

She stressed it is important that people along the two projects realize final restoration will occur when the weather permits, but they should not be confused with temporary restoration efforts which can consists of mounded dirt and straw.

Four projects in Lima and one in Kenton accounts for the bulk of the $10 million to be spent in 2014 and the 83,336 feet of pipe to be replaced, Ehora said.

The Kibby and Greenlawn project, set to start the first week of May and is expected to be completed in late June or early July, consists of replacing 5,831 feet of steel with 2,623 feet of plastic pipe and relocating 122 meters from inside the house to outside the residence.

They also anticipate starting the Linden project in early May and finishing in early to mid-June. The project includes replacing 10,163 feet with 8,600 feet of pipe and relocating 132 meters.

The Edwards project, which is slated to being in early June and be completed in mid- to late July, consists of converting 8,431 feet to 9,247 feet of pipe and relocating meters.

Dominion is scheduled to replace 14,000 feet of pipe with 8,240 feet of new pipe and relocating 102 meters. Ehora said since this project is in the business district they will be cooperating with businesses to limit disruptions.

The Columbus and Barron project in Kenton will begin at the end of March and involves installing 8,300 feet of new pipe and moving 112 meters.

“Everyone who is affected by these projects should have already have been notified by Dominion that your area has been identified and work is set to begin soon,” Ehora said. “We want to remind people to ask for the Dominion ID. Everybody carries it with them, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before allowing people access to your house. We also always have inspectors on every job, so there is always an employee on site to answer questions.”

Beginning in 2009, the West Ohio division embarked on a plan to replace nearly 30 percent of its pipeline system in a 10-county area. During the 25-year program, Ehora said the company is upgrading the pipe from bare-steel, cast iron, wrought iron and copper pipe, most of which had been installed prior to 1959, to coated steel or plastic pipe.

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