3 vie in 5th district

First Posted: 10/21/2014

LIMA — This year in the 5th Congressional District, incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Latta will run against two somewhat unlikely candidates.

Robert Fry, 64, and an anti-abortion, pro-Second Amendment Democrat is taking the Republican incumbent on.

“I thought he could be beat and I thought I was the guy to beat him,” Fry said of Latta.

Fry said he feels people in the district have been receptive to his ideas. He’s never run before, but the pastor from Toledo decided to run to help senior citizens, who he says are hurting.

Also running is Libertarian Party candidate Eric Eberly from Bowling Green, who ran two years ago and is giving it another go because he thinks Americans are even more fed up with the leadership in Washington, D.C., than they were two years ago.


Each candidate seems to think that something must be done about the Affordable Care Act, and, in the words of President Barack Obama, that something is ‘change.’

“Not one Republican voted for this law,” Latta said, adding that there are several things that weren’t considered when the ACA was written. “It’s something that was rushed through.”

Fry, on the other hand, said he believes health care has been a problem “ever since Wall Street took over.”

“The Affordable Care Act has a lot of things that need fixed but voting doesn’t fix them,” he said. “You need to get in there and work on it.”

Eberly doesn’t like the act either, as he says the only thing it’s done was make pharmacies and health care companies more powerful.

“It’s something that needs to be repealed,” he said. “It needs a drastic overhaul. … [I’d] work with doctors at the Main Street Level.”


The United States should become North American energy independent, Latta said, meaning it would only get energy from the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Fry said the United States is energy independent already, but that the energy deregulation in the past few decaes has done nothing but made profit for the energy companies.

We can “fix it with alternative fuels,” he said.

Eberly said the approach to energy in the country needs to be multifaceted.

“We have resources here we should be using,” he said. “Alternative energy can be explored as well.”

It’s a matter of going to a free market system, he said. The country can’t let government pick the winners and losers.

“It has to make sense to the American consumer.”


Latta is finishing out his fourth term as the 5th Congressional District representative, and, in his words, he’s “firmly committed,” and, like the other candidates, thinks he’s the best man for the job.

“Before I pass legislation, I think of the consequences,” he said. “I have that background. … I know my district.”

Fry said he believes part of his edge is how different he is from Latta.

“I have a voice and I speak, the guy I’m running against doesn’t,” he said. “I feel this is my duty.”

Eberly doesn’t have political bosses to answer to like he believes Latta does, which is the reason he said he is the best person for the job.

“I’m an honest, patriotic American like everyone else,” he said. “I’m not tied to any corporate cronies.”

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