Bill clears committee

First Posted: 11/6/2014

LIMA — A bill to repeal Common Core passed the House Committee Wednesday.

Ohio Rep. Matt Huffman said House Bill 597 now has to be passed by the House, then the Senate and then the governor — all before the end of the year, otherwise he will have to write a new bill.

The Common Core standards are a significant issue that were adopted four years ago when people weren’t paying attention, Huffman said. His issue is not with the standards alone, and using the word “standards” creates confusion, Huffman said, but he also questions testing, control of the educational system by an outside group, method of teaching, what’s being emphasized and textbooks.

“There’s a substantial problem going on in schools right now,” Huffman said.

Common Core sets academic standards, or learning goals, that a student should meet by the end of each grade in school. It focuses on English and math. Common Core’s backers are seeking to give access to quality teaching and methods to all children, regardless of what state that student lives in. Its proponents say academic standards vary from state to state and the United States is falling behind compared to other countries — and they believe Common Core’s new outlines and ideas combat those problems.

Common Core was adopted in Ohio in 2010 and went into place for the 2013-14 school year.

Common Core was not analyzed properly before it was implemented, Huffman said. House Bill 597 will stop Common Core after this school year so that it can be properly publicly analyzed. Those who oppose his bill are people who do not know enough about the issue, Huffman said.

Common Core is in place in every state across the nation except for Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Virginia and the territory of Puerto Rico, according to its webpage,

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