DeWine encourages continued progress behind the GOP

First Posted: 5/5/2014

LIMA — With the Allen County Republican Party staging one last rally cry before Tuesday’s primary election, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told the crowd to get out and support the party.

“Voting matters,” DeWine said Monday at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner held at the University of Northwestern Ohio Event Center. “It matters that John Kasich is governor. We have a great future in this state. I am an optimist and I think Ohio’s best days are yet to happen.”

DeWine said the state has turned an overwhelming state deficit into an economy that generated more than 250,ooo jobs under Kasich’s leadership. He told the crowd that people needed to vote for Republican leadership to continue the trend.

“Elections matter,” he said. “With the Republican team we have right now, I feel good about the future of Ohio. Ohio was bleeding jobs. Kasich and Republican leadership have turned it around. This is a place where we focus on jobs and this is a great team that we have in Ohio.”

DeWine delivered praise for the Allen County Republican Party and encouraged them to keep up the work that they do. He said it was no accident that presidential candidates often turn up during presidential elections in Allen County.

“You will not find more effective party leadership than you do right here in Allen County,” DeWine said. “The reason they come is because they know you will do it right. They know people will show up.”

DeWine said when he took the office of attorney general, the office had a problem with efficiency. He said Republican leadership has made the office more efficient. DeWine said when he took office it took an average of 125 days to get results from a DNA test, and now that average has been dropped to 22 days.

“Last week a little girl who was 13 in Columbus was waiting on a bus,” DeWine said. “She was abducted and raped. We processed it within 24 hours and we got a hit. Four hours later the Columbus Police Department arrested him and he was locked up. He isn’t going anywhere.”

DeWine said the office has also processed several rape kits sitting in police departments around the state, of which he said more than 4,000 were sitting in Cleveland alone. He said the Attorney General’s Office has processed 3,500 of them and is getting a hit on a suspect one out of every three tests.

“Each one of these women have suffered and we owe it to them to go to bat for them.”

He said Republican leadership could also help limit the role of government in people’s lives and defend religious rights. He said his office’s crusade against heroin and other opiate usage was the kind of fighting that Ohio residents needed from their elected officials.

Allen County Republican Party Chairman Keith Cheney encouraged support for all the Republican candidates in tomorrow’s primary. He introduced several who were present and said it was a key election.

“We are put here to do God’s work,” Cheney said. “We need to get individuals into office to do that.”

Cheney also said DeWine was a fine attorney general who didn’t just pick an issue, but was in the office to do his job.

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber said the challenge for this election was important.

“The challenge to our kids is so important,” he said. “We have the choice where we can continue to march Ohio forward. Maybe the rest of the country will follow Ohio. In two years, we can have a president who gets it.”

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